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I-CAR WCA03 - Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Qualification Series

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Aug 23, 2014 - Aug 23, 2014
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With the assistance of the aluminum industry and many welding professionals, I-CAR has developed the first hands-on Automotive Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Qualification Series in the collision industry. This series includes instruction, hands-on practice, and testing for welds used in repairing aluminum vehicle structures.

Participants are instructed how to set up and tune a welding machine, address safety issues, prepare metal surfaces, and perform proper welding techniques. Hands-on practice welds include GMA (MIG) plug, fillet, and butt joint with backing welds. Welds are practiced in both vertical and overhead positions. Participants also perform the required visual inspections and destructive tests for each type of welded joint.

The program concludes with the Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Qualification Test demonstrating the technician
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