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Toronto, Ontario -- January 14, 2014 -- Collision repair industry practicioners are running out of time to submit their comments on proposed revisions to the Apprenticeship Training Standards for the automotive industry.

Collision repair industry professionals who have yet to provide their feedback have until Jan. 17, 2014 to weigh in on the drafted update to the Apprenticeship Training Standards.

In May 2013 a working committee was established composed of industry professionals holding a Red Seal certificate, who are currently practicing, are industry leaders in training and represent all provincial geographic areas, and are inclusive of small, medium and large organizations.

The committee rewrote and revised the pre-existing Apprenticeship Training Standards document, a document unchanged since 2003, and have since circulated the revised draft version among industry professionals to obtain feedback on updating the fundamental standards for working apprentices in the collision industry.

The document was deemed to be in need of additional review to ensure any changes were validated by the industry and its practicioners in order to make sure the needs of both apprentices and the industry are reflected.

If you are interested in reviewing or commenting on the drafted review of the Apprenticeship Training Standards prior to Jan. 17, please contact Franca Silvaggio at the Ontario College of Trades at 647-847-3060 for more information.

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