Why don’t you stay a while? By Allison Rogers With the pandemic came a new way of training. Now that we’re 18 months into this new world of learning—much of which is digitally-driven, I might add—the members of Canada’s automotive aftermarket are faced with a whole new way to approach skilled trades education. Whether you’re […]

Shaken and Stirred

The scoop on Ontario’s new towing regulations By Max Reid This past year has shaken the Ontario towing industry to its very foundations, and we aren’t even talking about COVID. Widespread corruption, on the part of Ontario police departments at both the municipal and provincial level, as well as within the towing community itself, has […]

Open for Business

In some parts of Canada, hiring is no longer easy as 1-2-3 By Bianca Mazziotti With the seemingly ever-present skills shortage looming over the industry, Canadian collision centres have been getting creative in attracting new staff to their businesses post-pandemic. 1. ALBERTA Although Canada’s automotive industry has been having difficulty hiring people, not all hope […]

An Uncertain Path, an Uncertain Future

The question of OEM Certifications By Maddy Kylie The automotive industry is an industry like no other. Ripe with innovation and backed by some of the world’s greatest minds, it is a landscape that is constantly evolving. Over the past few years, the industry has made some of the biggest changes yet—cue electric and autonomous […]

Reflect, React and Repeat

OARA representatives talk informed, ‘disciplined’ buying decisions By Allison Rogers With salvage in such short supply and buyers vying for any vehicle they can get their hands on; the role of the educated and disciplined buyer has never been more important. During a May 2021 Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) virtual training session, led by […]

Electric Evaluations

Andrew Shepherd gives insight on I-CAR’s new courses By Max Reid With automakers the world over announcing wide-scale conversions of their fleets to battery-electric vehicles (EVs) and telematics systems becoming nearly commonplace, the collision repair industry is no longer simply on the verge of a technological revolution—we’re in the midst of it. That is why […]

Tomorrow’s Techs

The state of the modern autoshop class By David DiCenzo Matthew Lyle clearly remembers helping lead the inaugural Electric Car Team at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute as somewhat of a “catastrophe.” In 2016, Lyle, the Head of Technical Education at the Guelph-based high school, partnered with his Transportation Technology teacher colleague Dennis Ashley to form […]

Recognizing the Master Artists

Certification is a step in the right direction for the automotive industry By Steve Leal The automotive industry is not for everyone. Day in and day out, auto technicians go the extra mile in restoring vehicles to their original glory, making sure that form, build, and performance are in perfect sync. They are the “master […]

When it Comes to Training, the Time is Now

‘Later’ is a Synonym for ‘Never’ By Stefano Liessi Does anyone remember the year 2000, and all the speculative horrors associated with the roll over from 1999? All the computers were predicted to crash, stock markets would shut down, electrical grids would perish, and we would be left in the dark ages. When New Years […]

Held to Account

Looking to improve? Take responsibility By Jay Perry One of the most challenging parts of leadership is the issue of accountability. We all know and want the benefits that can come from holding ourselves and our team to account for quality of services or products, our policies, actions and decisions but the balance required to […]