2020 Courses

Training ProviderCourse NameDescriptionCategoryProvince/State
KWANTLEN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYAutomotive Service Technician Certificate (Foundation) - KWANTLEN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYRepairing customer vehicles in a fully operational auto repair shop. Shop safety, inspection, diagnostics, repair and servicing of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems for automobiles and light trucks.Core TrainingBritish Columbia
KEYANO COLLEGEWelder - Apprenticeship - KEYANO COLLEGEGraduates from the program will be skilled in the fusing of metals using prescribed welding applications; have a working knowledge of welding equipment; comprehend drawings and develop layout patterns for projects and calculate quantities of materials; haApprenticeshipAlberta
I-CARRCY01 Recycled Parts for Collision Repair - I-CARUnderstand the automotive recycling industry and organizations. Describe the considerations for using and ordering recycled parts. Identify parts that are commonly recycled and those that are not. Determine if a part has been previously repaired. UnderstaManagement & EstimatingOntario
I-CARPM140V01 Developing the Team and the Business - I-CARPerform employee mentoring/coaching using various leadership models. Perform team member reviews using a management system. Co-ordinate team member training and safety-related needs. Communicate shop metrics to leadership team using a management system. MManagement & EstimatingOntario
I-CARPM125V01 Problem Solving for Workflow Changes - I-CARAssess workflow problems and evaluate work-in-progess for potential solutions. Determine technician workload. Determine staffing needs based on workflow problems and how to reassign technician work based on skill, OEM training and/ or availability. ManageManagement & EstimatingOntario
I-CARPM115E01 Workflow Essentials - I-CARUnderstand how supplements affect production, costs and staff by identifying missing items, time involved and repair or replace decisions for each job. Survey the shop floor using the quality control, roadblock, and parts status techniques taught in thisManagement & EstimatingOntario
I-CARPM110V01 Matching the Repair to the Team - I-CARIdentify staff capabilities and workload using a computer management system. Explain how to assign a job to an available technician or team. Perform estimate and vehicle reviews with assigned technician using shop SOPs. Communicate current job status usinManagement & EstimatingOntario
I-CARPM105E01 Before the Repair Starts - I-CARDemonstrate job file review processes. Explain insurance needs (including DRP and non-DRP). Identify express jobs using a checklist of express-related items. Demonstrate mappingof a customer vehicle.Management & EstimatingOntario
I-CARPM101E01 Learning Culture Overview - I-CARUnderstand the importance of the I-CAR study observations. Describe an Industrial Age mind set and how to identify it. Apply the principles of knowledge management. Understand the definition, key principles and benefits of a learning culture.Management & EstimatingOntario
CAMBRIAN COLLEGEWelding And Fabrication Technician (WFTN) - CAMBRIAN COLLEGEWorking in the college's welding lab, you will take metal fabrication projects from the engineering drawing stage through cutting and forming processes to the welding and inspection phases. You will have unique opportunities to put your welding skills intWeldingOntario
BETAGPanel Repair Steel - Level 1 - BETAGThis Medium Panel Repair program focuses on the core principles of straightening steel auto body panels, to a level of finish that requires minimal filler to complete a high-quality repair. These skills can be applied across a wide range of simple and morNon-Structural RepairCalifornia
BETAGPlastic Repair - Level 1 - BETAGThis Plastic Repair program focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to repair plastic panels and parts properly and safely. It also includes modules to develop technicians’ awareness of the various ADAS systems that can be affected and stNon-Structural RepairCalifornia
BETAGSmall Damage - Level 2 - BETAGThis Small Damage Level 2 course is designed to elevate the skill level of technicians to enable them to successfully complete paintless dent repairs of elastic and plastically deformed small damages. These skills can be applied across a wide range of panNon-Structural RepairCalifornia
BETAGSmall Damage - Level 1 - BETAGRelevant to technicians of all experience levels, BETAG’s Small Damage Repair program starts by focusing on the fundamentals of metal repair. These include identifying the complete damage area; understanding the characteristics of plastic and elastic defoNon-Structural RepairCalifornia
BASFAdvanced Production Management VPU001 - BASFThis training teaches you to understand the concept, importance and benefits of increasing throughput, cycle time. Practise new techniques of production management, including how to manage the repair and to understand the need to write a complete damage rPaint & RefinishingOntario
BASFEstimating for Profit VPU002 - BASFThis training teaches you to understand the critical importance of the estimator. Learn to sell first, estimate second. Generate a complete damage report. Effectively negotiate with insurers. Understand how to measure selling performance.Paint & RefinishingOntario