Darryl Simmons

Owner Media Matters Inc. CEO, Publisher

Darryl Simmons has an established reputation as a leader and publisher, notably within the collision and automotive repair industry. He established Media Matters Inc. in 2001. Under it’s umbrella, Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Collision Quebec, and Canadian Auto Recycler (to name a few) have been launched and continue to represent the owners, suppliers, insurers, educators and other industry stakeholders. These publications have become a main stay and a main source of information for their respective industries. Since the beginning, Darryl has made it his mission to be the most recognized and respected voice within the Canadian collision repair community; a mission which continues to deliver on it’s promise. He is more than an entrepreneur and publisher. He is an innovator, and a change maker. Prior to launching Collision Repair magazine he served as a Professor at Humber College (Public Relations), Editorial Director at Taylor Publishing and Executive Vice President of the Toronto Better Business Bureau. He currently sits on several committees including the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF), the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) and the OMDC Magazine Industry Advisory Committee.

Orest Tkaczuk

Associate Publisher

Orest Tkaczuk is the associate publisher at Media Matters.

Gloria Mann

Vice President Industry Relations

Gloria’s focus on industry relations is fully geared to driving her clients’ success. She accomplishes this by developing a thorough understanding of their individual needs, goals, and objectives and provides guidance in reaching their key customers through publications and digital options. Gloria brings many years of experience in senior-level national marketing positions with international corporations. This, in addition to her serving on many industry boards of directors and advisory committees, allows her to keep a pulse on current and upcoming trends in the automotive industry.

Ellen Smith

Director Business Development/Digital/Marketing Solutions

Ellen Smith is an accomplished Sales & Marketing executive with a proven record of achievement, driving revenue objectives through building cross-platform marketing strategies, focused business development, effective pipeline management and qualitative mentorship. Ellen’s focus is fully directed to the continued success of the company and her clients. With a thorough understanding of client goals, and objectives Ellen is adept at honing in and developing strategic solutions with Media Matters Inc. media and ancillary assets that connect advertisers with key target audiences. Ellen is results-driven with demonstrated, repeat success in directing and leading programs and partnerships.

Wanja Mann

Industry Relations Sales and Marketing Associate

Wanja has over 5 years of experience in the collision repair industry. She always makes an effort to travel to events across Canada and abroad, meeting with top industry experts to expand her knowledge of collision repair. This focus on industry relations allows her to drive her clients’ success, through print and digital channels. From the first conversation until everything has finialized, Wanja is your touch point for top notch support. She cares deeply about her work and clients – if you are looking at getting into advertising in the collision repair industry reach out to Wanja today!

Yvonne Maschke

Art Director

Yvonne Maschke serves as the Art Director at Media Matters, leveraging more than 18 years of design expertise within the dynamic media landscape. Responsible for overseeing the entire design process of magazines, from initial concepts to final execution, Yvonne brings a wealth of experience to her role. A graduate of Durham College and a former member of the Metroland Media Group team, she brings a diverse skill set and a proven track record of success to her current position.

Cassie Doyle

Digital Operations Manager

Cassie looks after the online world of Media Matters. From working on developing new websites to coming up with innovative digital solutions she is involved in a little bit of everything. Cassie is a graduate of the Contemporary Web Design program at Durham Collage and has a Bachelors Degree in Business and Psychology from Trent University in Peterborough Ontario.

Allison Rogers


Allison Rogers is an editor with Media Matters. She has been contributing to the company’s host of automotive magazines since completing her undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing at Western University in September of 2019. A lifelong auto enthusiast, Allison also enjoys playing flute and rollerskating in her free time. 

Sarah Perkins

Assistant Editor

Sarah Perkins is the assistant editor with Media Matters.They have been contributing to the company’s automotive magazines since August, 2023 after completing their Masters degree in English and Communications at Trent university. While new to the world of automotive repair, Sarah is an avid learner and is excited to discover more about the industry. In their spare time, sarah enjoys drawing and spending time with their dog, Timo.