About Us

Media Matters Inc., founded in 2001, is the leading provider of news and information to the Canadian collision repair industry. We publish top-of-the-line print and digital products for the various industry segments. These include Collision Repair magazine, Collision Québec, Canadian Auto Recyclers, Bodyworx Professional, Training Directory, Buyers Guide, and Canadian Towing and Recovery. Our print, digital and ancillary services, firmly establishes us as the front-runners in serving the Canadian collision repair industry. Every issue of every publication brings the most relevant and current information with feature articles, trends, and breaking news. Our editorial content is written to reach to every segment of the industry. Our promise is to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant content as well as solution driven services. Everything we do is designed to connect you with your target customer.

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 Our commitment is to deliver the inspiration, tools, and stories to our readers, partners, and advertisers, which keeps them up to date and informed. Based on results from a recent independent readership study, our publications are the most respected and trusted for this industry. A total of 80% of respondents read every issue cover to cover. The content is trusted and considered the most reliable. It’s information that is used actually sourced and used to motivate and succeed in in the Canadian collision repair industry today as well as tomorrow.

Training Directory

The Annual Training Directory first launched in 2006 under the Collision Repair magazine umbrella as Canada’s first comprehensive guide to training in the collision repair industry. It was created to meet the escalating need to ensuring the availability of trained to talent. Now, the importance of training within the Canadian collision repair industry has never been more evident or critical. Technology is escalating rapidly and the reality of artificial intelligence has underscored the necessity of fully trained technicians. The Annual Training Directory has everything you need to know about collision repair training, and more. It is a must have for students starting a career in collision repair, as well as technicians looking to upgrade their skills. It is the pathway to the future.


To inspire and encourage shops to invest in their future by investing in dedicated training. It is essential for business, and delivering a good return on investment.  We also look to inspire techs and those coming into the business, to invest in their future.  Training paves the way to positive and successful career path as well and earning power.  With technology driving the dynamic dramatically, our vision is to lift the current perspective from job to career with training as the foundation