Course Name AUTEL® MaxiSys® Diagnostic Tablet and Calibration Kit (VT290E01)

This course introduces AUTEL’s® calibration equipment and tools used to perform static and dynamic calibrations for forward-facing cameras, front radars, rear radars, and infrared or IR advanced driver assistance systems or ADAS sensors. The course will consist of an overview of the diagnostic/calibration tablet and calibration kit, functionality of these items, and demonstrations of static and dynamic calibrations for front-facing cameras, front radar, and rear radar on multiple makes of vehicles. This course is specific to using the AUTEL® calibration kit procedures.

Training Provider I-CAR Canada
Address 1400 -180 Elgin St, Ottawa. ON, K2P 2K3
Province/State Ontario
Phone 800-808-2920
Email n/a
I-Car-Alliance Yes
Cost $74
Length N/A
Delivery Method Online
Category ADAS
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