Course Name Hiring to Support Your Shop's Learning Culture (PM205E01)

This course is designed to help those who manage production in shops to hire the candidates who will most likely possess the traits and behaviors needed to thrive in a learning culture environment. This course focuses on the importance in hiring the right people for developing and maintaining a successful learning culture. The learning objectives of the course are designed to teach how to identify desirable behaviors that contribute to a learning culture, examine the traits of Millennials, examine advertisement terms for job postings that support a learning culture and identify the types of interview questions that uncover desirable behaviors of a learning culture.

Training Provider I-CAR Canada
Address 1400 -180 Elgin St, Ottawa. ON, K2P 2K3
Province/State Ontario
Phone 800-808-2920
Email n/a
I-Car-Alliance Yes
Cost $55
Length 1 hour
Delivery Method Online
Category Management/Estimating
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