Course Name Introduction to Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding (ST010E01)

This course provides an overview of spot welding, where it is used, and how a squeeze-type resistance spot welder makes welds. The power requirements, parts, and settings for a spot welder. The course continues with an explanation of the steps for making a weld. Finally, the weld bonding process is explained. After completing this course, students will be able to explain the spot welding process, explain the power requirements for spot welding, identify the parts of a spot welder, prepare the work piece for spot welding, perform tests to determine weld quality and list the steps required for weld bonding.

Training Provider I-CAR Canada
Address 1400 -180 Elgin St, Ottawa. ON, K2P 2K3
Province/State Ontario
Phone 800-808-2920
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I-Car-Alliance Yes
Cost $75
Length 1.5 hours
Delivery Method Online
Category Welding
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