Course Name Plastic Repair Hands-On Skills Development (NS105L01)

The hands-on course builds on prior online learning about repairing plastic. The instructor will monitor key performance indicators so the non-structural technician can properly identify and repair damaged plastic automotive parts. The students will perform four activities on plastic bumper cover pieces including two-sided adhesive repair, adhesive tab repair with pinning, airless welding repair and nitrogen/hot air welding repair.
Students will demonstrate their proficiency at important stages of the repair that instructors will verify with their signature. At the end of the course, students will leave with enhanced real-world experience as well as useful handouts that include standard operating procedures for each plastic repair activity they performed.

Training Provider I-CAR Canada
Address 1400 -180 Elgin St, Ottawa. ON, K2P 2K3
Province/State Ontario
Phone 800-808-2920
Email n/a
I-Car-Alliance Yes
Cost $1,395
Length 4 hours
Delivery Method Classroom
Category Core Skills
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