Course Name PR-02, Plastic Repair & Refinishing

This course focuses on the hands-on skills needed to repair a bumper from start to finish. This course will cover the following topics: identify different types of plastic; explain the basic nitrogen welding process; properly operate a plastic welder; work dents out of bumpers; weld a tear to the edge of a bumper; repair a torn slot tab, a torn bumper mounting flange or a torn flexible hinge tab; repair a thermoset polyurethane bumper; properly finish the repair with filler and primer; and refinish textured plastic bumpers.

Training Provider POLYVANCE
Address Phone: (604) 526-4641
Province/State Alabama
Phone 800-633-3047
I-Car-Alliance N/A
Length 2 days
Delivery Method Classroom
Category Non-Structural Repair
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