Course Name Strengthening Your In-Process Quality Controls (PM225E01)

This course identifies common concerns and quality issues that are experienced throughout the industry. It will help those in production management to identify what the current state of their facility is and if any of these common problems are occurring. It will also emphasize the importance of having quality checks and standards documented and in place how they can really benefit the facility. After completing this course, students will be able to identify the importance of quality checks and standard operating procedures, learn how to identify current state, identify quality checks and processes to write a better estimate, discuss how quality checks and processes reduce or eliminate rework or quality defect during structural and non-structural repairs. They will also learn to identify quality checks and processes to reduce or eliminate rework or quality defects during the refinishing process.

Training Provider I-CAR Canada
Address 1400 -180 Elgin St, Ottawa. ON, K2P 2K3
Province/State Ontario
Phone 800-808-2920
Email n/a
I-Car-Alliance Yes
Cost $60
Length 1 hour
Delivery Method Online
Category Management/Estimating
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