Outer Panel Repair Specialist (OPRS)

Description: BETAG’s OPRS Learning Pathway provides a clear roadmap for developing a comprehensive outer panel repair capability – including small damage, steel, aluminum and plastic repair skills. 16 instructor led, workshop based training days are split into 4 blocks of 4-day learning sessions, over 4 months. Address: N/A Province/State: ON Website: https://betagnorthamerica.com Phone: N/A Contact […]

Electric Vehicle (EV) Technician Program (T951)

Description: This program is intended to address a global need for people who are skilled in diagnosing, servicing and repairing high voltage EVs and commercial charging stations. Students receive both theoretical and laboratory instruction through a combination of multimedia learning resources and an electrical/electronics simulation software package (CircuitLogix Pro) to allow for the testing, validation, and […]

Filco Integrative Welding

Description: The Integrative welding course covers the current welding techniques with Mig-Mag, Brazing and welding with different types of metals including Aluminum. Learn all the basics of welding from set up to proper use of equipment. You’ll even learn about arc length, tension, speed, and metal identification.  We give you access to in-depth hands-on training in welding […]

Filco 3D Measuring System Training

Description: Stay ahead of your competition and be ranked amongst the top body vehicle repairers with our 3D Measuring System Training. You will get the most up-to-date repair methods and learn how to measure a vehicle and rapidly diagnose & identify damages using the latest software & technology in 3D Measuring Systems. Learn how to […]

Instructional Videos – WEDGE CLAMP SYSTEMS INC.

Description: Wedge Clamp wants to ensure there is proper training videos available on their equipment, so they have a full library of instructional videos to teach anyone how to use their equipment properly and safely. Viewers can watch videos on how to use equipment from the chainless anchoring systems to the Eclipse electronic measuring system. […]

Introduction to paint protection – VPS Canada

Description: Topics covered in our 32-hour course range from the fundamentals and theory behind paint protection film to topics such as: vehicle preparation, workspace organization, effective time management, installation basics, proper film handing and tools/chemicals and their proper uses. Address: Unit 5 – 20 South Landing Drive Province/State: Winnipeg Website: https://vehicleprotectivesolutions.com/ Phone: Contact Email: info@vpscanada.com […]

Automotive Service Technician – VANCOUVER ISLAND UNIVERSITY

Description: This entry-level program gives students the knowledge and skills to work as an auto mechanic. The Automotive Service Technician course offers daily lectures, seminars and demonstrations of current servicing techniques, as well as extensive practical training in a functioning automotive bodyshop setting. Address: 900 Fifth St, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5S5 Province/State: British Columbia Website: […]

Automotive Collision and Refinishing Foundation – VANCOUVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Description: Students will learn how the ins and outs on how to finish damaged vehicles in VCC’s state-of-the-art auto body shop, as well as learning prime and repair. Training within the program is done with modern equipment and the latest techniques and the program is accredited for apprenticeship. Address: 1155 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T […]

Automotive Service Technician Apprentice – VANCOUVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Description: This program allows for students to get a B.C. trade certificate and earn an income while learning how to repair engines, fuel systems, tires, breaks, electronics and transmissions, while also learning the latest in autmotive diagnostics. Address: 1155 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 4V5 Province/State: British Columbia Website: http://vcc.ca/ Phone: 604-871-7000, 1-866-565-7827 Contact Email: […]