Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Estimates – Vale Training

Description: Learn how to generate damage estimates on hybrid and electric vehicles. Students will also learn the safety and knowledge needed to repair hybrid and EVs. The course is designed for the student that is well-versed in writing estimates and wants an edge and insight into the quickly emerging hybrid and electric vehicle market. Address: […]

Electric Drive Vehicle Fundamentals – St. Clair College

Description: This program will introduce students to the aspects of Electric Vehicle (EV) fundementals, both theory and practical. Students will learn electrified vehicle systems and components, High volatge safety, and Electric vehicle maintenance. Students will study how to properly select and use testing tools and equipment by using aqpproved industry standards while performing system fault […]

MCIM-1020: Understanding Electric Vehicles – Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Description: Electric vehicles are a great option for reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles. But where do you start? If you’re a consumer or someone in retail automotive sales who is interested in EVs, this micro-credential is a good place to start. In this micro-credential, you will examine the positive aspects of running an EV […]

MCIM-1019: EV Battery Fundamentals and Storage – Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Description: Green technology and transportation basics are changing. Electric vehicles are a great option for reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles. This micro-credential will introduce you to the safe handling of EV batteries, the fundamentals of EV batteries, and the storage of EV batteries. Address: 1130 Idylwyld Drive North; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Province/State: Saskatchewan Website: https://saskpolytech.ca/ […]

Electric Vehicle Safe Service and Maintenance – Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)

Description: This program teaches students in industry-leading safety practices and avrious categories of high-volatage vehicles, transmission types and connection procedures. Students will learn how to: demonstrate high voltage safety procedures, service high voltage powertrain systems to manufacturer and industry standard and service high voltage battery charging systems to manufacturer and industry standard. Students will also […]

EV Training / Certification – NAPA/UAP

Description: The constant evolution of technologies and the arrival of a new generation of vehicles, notably electric vehicles, require increased specialized knowledge for the automotive industry professionals in spare parts, maintenance and repair. The NAPA Electric Vehicle Training and Certification Program is the answer to the professional development needs of various automotive industry professionals. At […]

VT470E01: General Motors Company (GMC) Hummer Electric Vehicle (EV) – I-CAR

Description: General Motors Company (GMC) Hummer Electric Vehicle (EV) is a 1-hour course that includes an overview of the vehicle’s features, high-voltage systems, construction materials, and repair information. You will be introduced to the electromechanical parts of the Hummer, mechanical systems, driver information systems, and ADAS. Address: 1400 -180 Elgin St, Ottawa. ON, K2P 2K3 […]

VT455E01: Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis – I-CAR

Description: The Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis course is a 30-minute course that reviews necessary safety precautions when working with EVs. It gives a great level of detail on EV’s high voltage components, safety precautions and relevant non-high voltage parts. The course also provides damage inspection and estimating considerations for EVs. Address: 1400 -180 Elgin […]

VT450E01: Electric Vehicle (EV) Initial Inspection and Handling – I-CAR

Description: Electric Vehicle (EV) Initial Inspection and Handling is a 30-minute course that discusses initial inspection and safety considerations for EV upon arrival at a repair facility. The initial inspection, before damage analysis, reviews visual and other indicators to be aware of before bringing a vehicle into a building or storing it near other vehicles […]

VT430E02: Introduction to Electric Vehicles – I-CAR

Description: Introduction to Electric Vehicles (EV) is a 30-minute course that introduces the different types of EVs on the road today. This course identifies the unique parts of an EV and the purpose of those parts. Students are also introduced to the EV specific warning indicators that are displayed on the instrument panel with a […]