An Electric Expansion: CARSTAR London Centre (Don-Mor) achieves VinFast certification; sees increase in EV repair

London, Ontario — CARSTAR London Centre (Don-Mor)–which has been a Tesla Approved Collision Centre (TACC) since December 2023—reports that electric vehicles (EVs) now account for a significant share of the business, with the shop having added VinFast to its portfolio of OEM certifications.

“The strategic decision to integrate Tesla repairs into the store’s service portfolio came after years of closely monitoring trends in the London market. In doing so, CARSTAR London Centre (Don-Mor) saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing trend of EV purchases in the region and offer EV repairs as there was such minimal competition in its market,” says Jeff Brown, general manager at CARSTAR London Centre (Don-Mor)

“Vehicle technology doesn’t stop changing and electric vehicles are simply a result of innovation in the auto manufacturing space,” said Brown. “Repairing them requires us to think the same progressive way the OEMs are. We need to advance the technology and training in our facilities to repair any new vehicle properly–not just EVs.”

“This expansion has significantly contributed to our revenue growth and underscores our dedication to delivering premium automotive repair solutions,” continued Brown. “I’m incredibly happy with finding this new way to service our region but also another revenue stream for our business.”

As electric vehicles continue to gain traction, Brown advises fellow repair centers to prepare in ways that make sense for their markets. Key steps include:

  • Researching vehicle trends in your market through local resources and Statistics Canada.
  • Enrolling technicians in EV safety training.
  • Installing the right equipment like charging stations, high voltage insulated tools, and waste disposal systems.
  • Establishing protocols for handling the high-voltage systems, with safety checks along the way.
  • Ensuring your facility is equipped with what it needs from the manufacturer like having the right space, tools, and battery handling equipment.

“Installing an EV Charging Station and familiarizing yourself with EV operations are critical first steps,” advised Brown. “These proactive measures not only position your business for success with Tesla but also prepare you for the broader spectrum of vehicles entering the market.”

The Don-Mor team further plans to gain even more EV-specific brands and to launch them later this year.

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