For the last 20 years, CSN Collision Clinic has celebrated the holiday season by awarding a deserving resident a freshly reconditioned free car. The facility awarded this year’s winner—Liubov Hrysiuk and her family—with a reconditioned 2021 Kia Forte X, winter tires, car insurance for a full year and a few extra gifts for Hrysiuk’s children, Sofia and Sviatoslav.

Hrysiuk moved from Ukraine to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in March 2023. Since then, she’s faced many transportation challenges navigating public transit, two jobs and life as a mother of two. Coincidentally, Hrysiuk’s public transportation pass expired the very same day she won her new vehicle. She said her new car makes her feel more independent and safe.

“I want to apply for permanent residency, and I need to keep some money in my account for this. Having my insurance covered is a big help, knowing this is one less bill I will have to worry about.”

Hrysiuk said, in addition to using the vehicle to travel to and from work, she hopes to enroll her son in hockey. “My son is interested and I want to give him the chance to play,” she said. “Now I will be able to bring him where he needs to go without lugging him on the bus or relying on others.”


Simplicity Car Care has announced its expansion to Nova Scotia, marking the seventh province the network offers its services.In the announcement post, Simplicity Car Care wrote that they are “very excited to announce that we’ve opened our first location in Nova Scotia! Our team is ready to help Nova Scotians get back on the road sooner with our fast and affordable car care service.”

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