EV/AV Report: Quebec expands electric vehicle infrastructure; while GM prepares to Cruise again

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly electric and autonomous vehicle report, Quebec has announced $2 million to be allocated towards increasing the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations; while General Motors’ (GM) Cruise prepares to resume on road testing again. Increasing infrastructure According to a press release originally published by The Canadian Press, Quebec […]

Pothole Perils: Meteor-like debris causes vehicle damage on Montreal’s Highway 40

Montreal, Quebec — Transport Quebec has identified a pothole on Highway 40 as the likely cause of vehicle damages reported last Thursday, including damage to a West Island couple’s windshield, which they described as being shattered by debris resembling a “meteor.” Transport Quebec received reports of vehicle damage on Highway 40 East near the Highway […]

Hijacking Insurance Rates: MyChoice study shows auto theft spikes significantly affect insurance premiums across Ontario

Toronto, Ontario — In a recently released report, MyChoice has revealed a possible correlation between carjacking rates across Ontario and record-high insurance premiums. The company specifically looked at the carjacking rates across Ontario cities with a population size of over 100,000, and then compared this data to the monthly insurance premiums across these same cities. […]

Can You Believe This?! Dinner dates with supercars; sideways drivers and much more

Toronto, Ontario — It’s FRIDAY again! Cheers to the weekend with some chuckles, featuring sideways drivers (from Ontario, of course); hot rods that can jump for joy; strange messages from mud flaps and much, much more. The post Can You Believe This?! Dinner dates with supercars; sideways drivers and much more appeared first on Collision […]


Plant the seed and watch your business sprout By ALLISON ROGERS The cliche most associated with spring— cleaning. Getting all the dust out; starting anew. Refreshing old ways of operating to try something new and fresh—who knows, maybe it’ll breathe new life into your profits. Busting out the duster to rid your production floor of […]


ProColor’s Collaborative Evolution within Fix Network Originating as a revered and esteemed brand within the vibrant landscape of Quebec, ProColor Collision emerged as a paragon of excellence and innovation in the collision repair industry. With a rich history spanning decades, ProColor garnered acclaim and recognition for its unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and industry-leading […]


Breaking boundaries—the focus at this year’s BMW CCRC Conference of the Americas event Story, photos by DARRYL SIMMONS This year’s BMW Certified Collision Repair Centres (CCRC) conference, titled “Breaking Boundaries” was held in mid-February in Palm Springs, California, highlighting the network’s ongoing advancements and the collective drive towards excellence in automotive repair. The event was […]


Estimating, AI and more covered at annual spring meet-up By SARAH PERKINS, ALLISON ROGERS The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) hosted its annual spring conference at the Temple Gardens in Moose Jaw on the first weekend of March, where industry participants gathered to discuss everything from future technology to how to effectively say no […]