EV/AV Report: Electric vehicles quick-swap; while autonomous vehicles are in demand

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly electric and autonomous vehicle report, Kia showcases its “Platform Beyond Vehicle” scheme at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES); while a survey from Ghost Autonomy shows consumer interest in autonomous vehicles.

Bop it, twist it, swap it

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kia has announced an upcoming line of reconfigurable electric vans of varying sizes as part of its “Platform Beyond Vehicle” scheme.

The vehicles included in the projected lineup include chassis cabs that attach to a variety of upper bodies using a combination of mechanical and electromagnetic anchors.

In theory, this system would allow users to quick-swap between delivery vans, passenger shuttles and even recreational vehicles.

The vans will be capable of vehicle-to-load or grid and will come in three sizes.

The mid-size PV5 will be the first to launch and will arrive with a variety of body styles from chassis cabs to high-roof vans, which Kia sees as suitable for everything from delivery to utilities.

Following this, the smaller PV1 and larger PV7 will then be launched. The PV1 will be designed to handle smaller loads over shorter distances while the PV7 will have a longer range and more interior space.

In a third development phase, Kia will then emphasize customization with rail systems for the vans’ ceilings, floor, walls and exterior along with “cabinets and frames” for transferring payloads.

Kia also expects to deploy SAE Level 4 autonomous taxis at this stage of development.

The beginning launch of the vehicles is expected to occur in 2025 when Kia opens a dedicated factory in Korea for the project. The factory will have an estimated output capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

Autonomous demand

A recent survey from autonomous driving software company, Ghost Autonomy has shown that North American consumers want more advanced autonomous safety and driving features in their vehicles.

According to the Autonomous Vehicles: Consumer Trends and Attitudes survey—which polled 1,200 participants across various demographics—advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are consumers’ top priority when choosing their next vehicle.

Specifically, in the survey, 80 percent of respondents said that safety systems played a pivotal role in their choice of vehicle and 61 percent said they’d accelerate their next purchase for breakthrough safety technology.

The survey also found that consumers don’t only want autonomous features, they also want to purchase a fully autonomous vehicle if it’s proven safe.

On this note, 65 percent of respondents also said that they’d want fully autonomous driving in the next ten years.

Of the demographics polled, the younger generations—those between 20 and 39—were the most interested in having an autonomous vehicle with 79 percent of those between 20 to 29 in favour and 75 percent of those between 30 to 39 in favour.

To read the full report, click here.

The post EV/AV Report: Electric vehicles quick-swap; while autonomous vehicles are in demand first appeared on Collision Repair Magazine.

The post EV/AV Report: Electric vehicles quick-swap; while autonomous vehicles are in demand appeared first on Collision Repair Magazine.


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