The need for constant improvement in an age of change

Nothing is going to slow down the pace of technological improvements in the vehicles hitting the market today – after all, there are more computers on a vehicle leaving the assembly line today than on a jetliner manufactured a decade ago.

With continual change and advances in the collision repair industry, the need for constant improvement has never been more important. For business owners, this means investing in the training and equipment they need to keep up – and stay ahead. For career-driven technicians, it means seeking opportunities to build careers within the businesses making those investments.

“The bottom line is simple: if you want to repair today’s vehicles, you need to keep up to date with your training – or you’ll be out of business,” says Lorenzo D’Alessandro, president of CSN 427. Named the best body shop in North America three times, it is difficult to imagine a facility that better embodies the idea of constant improvement than CSN 427.

“At CSN 427, we are thinking about the business’s long-term viability, and that means focusing on producing great, high-quality and safe repairs,” says D’Alessandro. “That’s why training is so ingrained in our culture here.”

With over 7,100 square metres of production space, the business is certified by more OEMs than any other facility in Canada. As a result, the staff at CSN 427 receive access to an unparalleled amount of specialized training from OEMs – not just in auto repair, but in customer service, management and sales techniques as well.

“We focus on teamwork, culture and creating a workplace environment that allows people to succeed and grow in their careers,” says Jessica D’Alessandro, CSN 427’s marketing and PR coordinator. “Whenever a team member asks if it would be possible to take a course and grow their skill set, we do our best to make it happen.”

As a large and successful business, the career opportunities for CSN 427’s more than 100 staff members are nearly limitless – particularly for those who pursue their own training and development. In fact, with so many specialized roles to fill, the business even has a dedicated human resources team working to make sure everyone is in the most rewarding possible position.

Whether you are a high-school student considering a career in the collision repair industry or an established technician looking to bring your talents to a business able to invest in your talents and build a rewarding career, CSN 427 may be the facility for you.

“We’re a very tightly knit team,” says D’Alessandro, “If you have the talent, drive and ambition needed to make the most of the opportunities in the collision [repair industry] you will be a perfect fit.” To learn more about careers at CSN 427 Auto, visit: