Assured Automotive



Assured’s “A Team”

As automotive technology continues to evolve at its fastest pace in modern history, we in the collision repair industry are required to understand these advancements, so we can ensure a safe and OEM-compliant repair to today’s complex vehicles. Dealing with various metals, composites, plastics and OEM guidelines directing us to replace vs. repair – keeping up with these advancements can be a challenge for a single repair facility, and this challenge grows exponentially when you have a network of stores to manage. That is why Assured Automotive has created a team to help our network stay on pace with today’s changing landscape and be ready for tomorrow’s innovations.

Under the leadership of Derek Florczyk, Adrian Szalai and Anthony Bianco (otherwise known as the “A Team”) are leading Assured’s charge with regard to technical training and upskilling of our team members. Adrian has been involved in our industry for going on 30 years and has the unique perspective of working in both the insurance and collision repair realms. Being a licensed body technician gave him the opportunity to work with Aviva, holding positions in appraisal, quality assurance and vendor management. With 22 years in the automotive realm, Anthony also has a strong curriculum vitae that includes appraisal, quality control, vendor management and CAT Planning within the Insurance environment.

Their goal is to ensure our network has best -in-class repair planning and quality of repair, so they start looking for opportunities right at the beginning of the repair process: the estimate. Looking further into the process, ensuring our technicians keep up with I-CAR designations and assisting team members with licensing and re certification is part of their mandate. With a combination of in-class and hands on scenarios, our A- Team keeps our staff well informed, well trained and competitive. If you were to ask Anthony or Adrian what their end game is, they would answer we don’t have one; it’s all about continuous improvement.

Assured Automotive is proud and committed to having people like Derek, Adrian and Anthony on our team, people who drive this positive impact within our organization. Skills and knowledge they share with our staff empowers our network and are result of this training is how we impact.