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Flat Line SSI Training Centre Delivers

For a number of years, Flat Line SSI has operated and equipped a cutting-edge training facility for estimators and technicians eager to take their careers further by deepening their knowledge of their trades and improving their performance on the latest equipment.

The facility offers industry professionals the chance to attend demonstrations and training classes on welding, measuring, diagnostic measuring, steel and aluminum panel along with plastic repair, to industry professionals. These certified courses are scheduled by appointment. Many are I-Car approved.

 The training centre is outfitted with the latest equipment from Car-O-Liner and BETAG Innovation. Currently, it provide students the opportunity to train on the Car-O-Liner CTR9 Resistance Spot Welder, and BETAG’s equipment for panel and aluminum repair—which features the Flat Liner SSI system and complete range of tools for the paintless dent removal (PDR) industry.

Flat Line SSI has seen an increase in individuals requesting training to better themselves in their jobs. Courses have been fully booked and attended by all collision repair/autobody technicians so that they can be fully trained on the equipment that they are using daily.

A fully trained technician is able to make the most of the latest equipment innovations. When the equipment is being used to its fullest potential, it increase efficiency of the business and improves customer satisfaction levels. This in turn delivers the best ROI, generating greater revenue.

Flat Line SSI’s commitment to training is one of the business’s core values. By establishing a permanent training location offering industry professionals the chance to gain direct and hands-on access to the best equipment, the company is not only benefitting the collision industry, it is ensuring its own position as a leading provider of equipment.