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For over four decades, Solera | Audatex has been providing fast, easy and fair solutions to the Canadian collision repair industry, allowing shops to focus on what they do best – fixing vehicles. Our 100 Audatex staff are focused on driving efficiencies in the repair process, augmented by thousands of Solera employees around the globe.


  • Audatex estimating improves productivity, reduces supplements and drives faster, more accurate estimating. Features include: APU, an integrated real-time alternative parts-ordering system; one-click labour report; 3D intelligent graphics with substrate materials colour coding; vehicle-specific option-driven database; fully integrated airbag matrix and frame dimensions; and much more.
  • GoTime Repair, a smartphone-based imaging app, makes it easy to document a vehicle’s state at check-in and check-out, ensuring no confusion with the customer after the fact. It also provides a convenient way of managing vehicle updates. Repairers can view and manage repair orders, upload and post photos, and update status, whether on the shop floor or at the beach!
  • Vehicle Health Check is a fast, portable and cost-effective scanner and diagnostic tool specifically designed for the appraisal customer delivery process, ensuring that consistent pre- and post-scans are conducted every time. VHC reports identify hidden mechanica, electrical issues and potential diagnoses, based on millions of confirmed Identifix fixes. VHC provides unparalleled insight into the full vehicle damage – both seen and unseen.
  • Shop Recoverables. Stop leaving money on the table! Recoverables alerts estimators about overlooked items (operations and/or consumables) before the estimate is given to the customer or insurer. Audatex Estimating, Recoverables clearly identifies revenue opportunities, which can then be added to the estimate prior to upload or printing. For more information, please visit or, better still, call us at 1-844-AUDATEX.

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