ProColor’s Collaborative Evolution within Fix Network

Originating as a revered and esteemed brand within the vibrant landscape of Quebec, ProColor Collision emerged as a paragon of excellence and innovation in the collision repair industry. With a rich history spanning decades, ProColor garnered acclaim and recognition for its unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and industry-leading practices. As Fix Network embarked on its quest to expand its footprint and redefine industry standards, the acquisition of ProColor in 2019 represented a strategic milestone in this transformative journey. With a vision to complement existing offerings of the Fix Auto collision repair brand, whom the network is best known for, to addressing capacity challenges, and providing consumers with expanded choices without compromising the quality and service that Fix Network is known for, the network has propelled ProColor Collision onto the national (and international) stage, ushering in a new era of innovation, collaboration, and success.


In the bustling city of Charlottetown, two giants, Fix Auto and ProColor Collision stand shoulder to shoulder, united by a shared vision of excellence and a commitment to serving their community. Meet Chris Dalziel, the proud owner of ProColor Collision Charlottetown, whose family legacy spans over half a century in the automotive industry. As he reflects on the evolution of the collision repair landscape, Chris paints a vivid picture of transformation, collaboration, and mutual support.

In the earlier days, when the industry dynamics were vastly different, Chris recalls a time when insurance claims played a smaller role in their operations. “Ten to fifteen years ago, the landscape was not the same. Claims held much less sway in our business,” Chris reminisces, adding, “They now constitute the large majority of our workload.”


This shift signaled a paradigm change that demanded a strategic response.

Chris’s decision to join the network was influenced by a combination of factors deeply rooted in both familial legacy and strategic foresight. Having purchased the shop from his uncle in 2017, Chris inherited a business with a longstanding reputation for repair quality, yet one that was still grappling with challenges in maximizing claims acquisition. Reflecting on past opportunities, Chris notes that Steve Leal, president of Fix Network World, had originally approached his family’s business in 2012, but they weren’t yet prepared to make the leap. However, as market dynamics evolved, particularly amidst the challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Chris and his team recognized the need for a strategic shift. With insurance claims taking center stage in their business model, they embarked on a thorough exploration of network options. Among the contenders, ProColor stood out for its synergies within Fix Network and its broader ecosystem, offering a holistic approach to automotive repair that already encompassed collision repair services with reputable brand, Fix Auto, mechanical services through Speedy Auto Service and windshield repair and replacement via NOVUS Glass. This alignment with Fix Network’s comprehensive vision, coupled with their track record of success, made it the clear choice for Chris and his team as they embarked on a new chapter of growth and collaboration within the network.

Fix Auto Charlottetown, led by Dave Gaudet, whose father had once worked alongside Chris’ uncle before venturing out on his own, was once viewed as an opponent. “At one time, the sentiment between our businesses was ‘that’s competition, don’t share industry secrets,’” Chris reveals. However, after joining the network, the winds of change brought forth new opportunities for collaboration and synergy.

Hurricane Fiona, a force of nature that swept through Charlottetown in September 2022, brought with it a deluge of insurance claims, challenging the capacity and resources of both ProColor Collision and Fix Auto. In a remarkable display of solidarity, the two brands rallied together, crossing traditional boundaries to support one another. “During the Hurricane Fiona fiasco, Fix Auto reached out to us, knowing that our shop had capacity and thought that since we were now a part of the same network, we could help each other out,” Chris explains.

Following their conversation, within a span of 72 hours, ProColor Collision Charlottetown had an additional 45 claims, alleviating the burden of antsy adjusters, and ensuring prompt and efficient service for their customers. This pivotal moment exemplifies the ideals of collaboration and cooperation that define the relationship between ProColor Collision and Fix Auto. They have also sent Fix Auto their own claims when they’ve needed that same support, and it has been back and forth since then. This also means that between the two brands, they are able to capitalize on the market share rather than the competition. “Now, if something comes up and one of the two shops has a problem or a question about a paint code, for example, we can text each other. It’s nice knowing we have that support under 3 kilometers away and someone to bounce ideas off of,” Chris affirms.

In a world where competition often reigns supreme, Chris advocates a philosophy of unity and collective progress. “We all have the same goal,” he asserts, “we need to be talking to each other rather than pushing the facade that ‘it’s me against everyone else.’”


In the heart of Ontario’s bustling automotive hub in the Greater Toronto Area, Azad Daya, the visionary owner of ProColor Collision Etobicoke North and ProColor Collision Guelph, stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, innovation, and collaboration. With a keen eye for opportunity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Azad and his team have emerged as a driving force behind the success of the ProColor brand, championing its growth and expansion across the province.

For Azad, the decision to join Fix Network was driven by a shared vision of excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement. “I joined Fix Network in 2021, drawn by their strong corporate structure and unwavering commitment to franchisee success,” Azad reflects. Through access to cutting-edge technology, comprehensive training programs, and unparalleled operational support, Azad and his team have unlocked new levels of performance and efficiency, setting a standard of excellence within the industry.

Azad underscores the brand’s pivotal role in addressing capacity concerns that collision repair shops have been experiencing across the nation and emphasizes that how the brand chooses to position itself in these circumstances will be instrumental in forging its future and fostering brand growth. Even this past year, as the demand for automotive repair services surged to unprecedented levels, particularly in key geographic regions like Toronto and Ottawa, Azad recognized the urgent need for a strategic response. “The biggest issue was that the Ottawa and Toronto areas saw a bottleneck with insurance claims, particularly with our national partner TD (Collision Repair Experts),” Azad recalls.

After some jestful remarks between Azad and a CRE operations team representative regarding load-levelling in the GTA, the serious opportunity to provide some aid to the Ottawa region was presented. In a remarkable display of resourcefulness and initiative, Azad seized the opportunity to address the capacity crunch head-on, leveraging the synergies within the Fix Network to support his fellow franchisees. Through collaborative efforts with Fix Network’s operations team and regional leaders, a seamless exchange of vehicles between ProColor Collision and other network brands was orchestrated, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery.

The impact of Azad’s intervention extended a lifeline to fellow franchisees grappling with these capacity challenges. “We were able to pick up and drop off 107 claims in a month,” Azad proudly declares. Even with the tremendous amount of damaged vehicles from the hail in Linsday, Ontario, where Fix Network did not have a facility, Azad’s team, as well as the Fix Auto and ProColor shops in Aurora and Pickering, were able to step in and tackle these claims to ensure this community was able to have their vehicles repaired in a timely manner. Azad’s spirit of collaboration and mutual support lies at the heart of the Fix Network ethos, empowering franchisees to overcome obstacles and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

As ProColor Collision continues to chart a course of expansion and growth, Azad remains steadfast in his commitment to the brand and its principles. With an eye towards the future, Azad is poised to lead the charge, seeking out new opportunities for growth and expansion wherever capacity issues arise within the Fix Network.


As we reflect on ProColor’s remarkable journey since joining the Fix Network family, it’s evident that growth has been a defining theme. In the past year alone, we’ve witnessed the expansion of ProColor Collision across Canada with the opening of several new shops, each of which meet the Fix Network growth criteria of adding capacity where needed and at the highest level of quality.

ProColor Collision Calgary North East

ProColor Collision Guelph

ProColor Collision Brampton East

ProColor Collision Thornhill

ProColor Collision BTech Edmonton East

ProColor Niagara Falls

As we celebrate the expansion of ProColor Collision across Canada, it’s clear that its journey has been guided by a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. With each new shop, they have strengthened their presence in key geographic regions, addressing capacity issues and offering consumers more choice while upholding the exceptional service standards that Fix Network is known for. This growth not only benefits customers but also elevates the entire industry, setting new standards for quality and professionalism. From coast to coast, ProColor Collision continues to complement Fix Auto offerings, delivering top-notch repairs and exceeding expectations at every turn. As the brand looks ahead, they remain dedicated to their mission of providing unparalleled service and driving positive change in the automotive repair sector. Working in symmetry, the banners under Fix Network are shaping the future of collision repair and leading the way towards a brighter, more resilient industry.

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