Helping Healthcare: Myers Automotive Group donates $2.5 million to Ottawa Hospital

Ottawa, Ontario — Myers Automotive Group, which includes several CARSTAR Myers locations and several car dealerships in the Ottawa area, has recently donated $2.5 million to The Campaign to Create Tomorrow at the Ottawa Hospital.

To date, this is Myers Automotive Group’s largest philanthropic donation, but the company has a long history of charitable contributions.

In 2015, the company donated one million dollars to the Queensway-Carleton Hospital in support of the Acute Care of the Elderly Unit, while in 2022 it donated one million dollars to the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute,

In recognition of past contributions, Myers Automotive Group also received the 2023 AFP Philanthropy Award for Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist.

With this most recent donation to the Ottawa Hospital, Rob Mews, co-owner of Myers Automotive Group alongside his brother Harry Mews commented that “it’s important for all businesses to help as much as they can, whether it’s donating money or donating time. You know, all businesses rely on the community for their success. And this is just a means of giving back.”

Harry Mews further explained that with this most recent donation, “we felt it was important to support the effort because health is everything. We’ve seen that directly in our family. Our hospitals, our healthcare system, we’re so lucky to have the system we have in Canada, and it’s important that everybody recognizes that. At the end of the day, if the community can’t support something like this, well, we’re not going to have it.”

Collision Repair magazine would like to extend congratulations to Myers Automotive Group on continuing its tradition of community engagement.

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