Hood Havoc: Lamborghini recalls Urus model over risk of hood coming off

Toronto, Ontario — Lamborghini is recalling the Urus SUV due to the potential for the hood to detach, either partially or completely when the vehicle is travelling at high speeds.

In total, the recall affects approximately 2,300 vehicles between the 2023 to 2024 model years, with around 2,133 vehicles affected in the United States and 272 vehicles affected in Canada.

While few models are affected in Canada, Transport Canada notes that the issue is serious and that “on certain vehicles, the rivets securing the hood latch strikers may not have been installed properly. Under certain conditions, the striker(s) could detach from the hood and the hood may then open suddenly while driving. This could also cause the hood to separate from the vehicle.”

The issue reportedly stems from air pressure seeping under the hood while the vehicle is moving at high speeds. When this occurs, it adds stress to the locking system which could cause the hood to then tilt upwards, potentially blocking the windshield and driver’s view if the hood does not detach entirely.

Currently, the automaker is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the problem.

Dealers will inspect the hood and install new parts free of charge to help hold the vehicle’s hood in place.

Drivers with affected vehicles will receive notification letters beginning on June 28th.


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