Toyota has announced a special edition run of the Crown Crossover with a “Matte Metal” finish that the automaker claims is easier to maintain than other matte paints. The vehicle model originally debuted in Japan featuring an extra layer of protective coating aimed at making the matte finish more durable. Based on the high-spec Toyota Crown Crossover RS Advanced, the “Matte Metal” Crown Crossover includes a new surface treatment called “TM Coat” designed to protect the matte coating and make it stain-resistant. While the special edition finish will need to be recoated approximately once a year, Toyota outlines that this is still an improvement over most matte finishes that require owners to wash by hand and make sure stains are removed immediately. Matte car finishes are traditionally known for being a hassle due to their vulnerability to scratches; limited repair options in the event of aesthetic damage; sensitivities to cleaning products and the fact they easily show watermarks.


Hundreds of drivers of the 2023 Honda HR-Vs are reporting sudden shattering of rear windshields. According to KDKA News’ investigation, approximately 326 complaints to date have been made to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). “We’re at the point now where we’re seeing so many complaints that I just don’t think the rates can be ignored anymore,” said Michael Brooks, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety. Brooks leads the consumer advocacy group that’s tracking these complaints and reported that he’s surprised Honda hasn’t already done something about the issue. He notes that when looking at all of the complaints made so far, it appears the issue could be related to the tempered glass used for the windshield and the vehicle’s defrosting system. A class action lawsuit has also been filed over the issue with six plaintiffs from Pennsylvania. The suit claims that Honda is “refusing to repair or replace the defective HR-V back windshields.”

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