Pothole Proliferation: MPI pothole claims set to surpass 2022 figures

Winnipeg, Manitoba — According to data released by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), pothole-related claims are set to surpass the high figures of 2022.

As of April 7th, 1,634 pothole-related claims were reported to MPI—a number that represents over half of similar claims made in 2023 and almost double 2019’s numbers, Global news originally reported.

Since March alone, MPI has received 971 claims. If claims continue, they are set to surpass the figures set in 2022, when pothole-specific claims reached a total of 5,395.

When navigating pothole-filled roads, MPI further told Global News that it encourages drivers to scan as far down a road as possible to look for any defects.

“If you are approaching [a pothole] don’t swerve suddenly, as you may hit another vehicle,” the provincial insurer reported to Global News. Instead, drivers should “slow down as much as possible before the pothole.”

Puddles should also be approached with caution because they can hide holes and road damage.

A city spokesperson in Winnipeg further reported to CTV News that city crews are actively working on resolving the issue and have already filled over 76,000 potholes this year—almost double the amount filled this same time last year.

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