Pulling New Products: KECO body Repair Products unveils new tools at MTE 2024

Toronto, Ontario — KECO Body Repair Products celebrated its participation as a vendor at the 2024 Mobile Tech Expo (MTE) by introducing an array of new collision repair products.

A recent press release notes that with this latest product launch, “KECO has reaffirmed its commitment to industry advancement.”

Moreover, for KECO, the “highlight of this year’s MTE showcase was the debut of the ‘K-Power Lateral Tension Tool,’ accompanied by the introduction of ‘Hemi Tabs’ and a diverse selection of KECO Knockdowns.”

Expanding KECO’s range of lateral tension tools, the K-Power features the ability to exert precise tension control on panels during pulls. With a range spanning from controlled finesse to Port-a-Power strength, the K-Power comes equipped with a variety of shoes and tabs tailored to meet the demands of the industry.

KECO’s K-Power Lateral Tension Tool.

The K-Power is currently available for pre-order through kecotabs.com.

Also unveiled at this year’s MTE showcase was KECO’s Hemi Tabs. With a curved dome design, the Dead Center and Crease Hemi Tabs are engineered to seamlessly fit within dents, facilitating successful pulls on smaller but deeper damage.

KECO’s Hemi Tabs.

Additionally, KECO has introduced its latest aluminum knockdowns, showcasing an assortment of new knockdowns and tips.

KECO’s aluminum knockdowns with a variety of tips.

The press release also discussed how “this expansion underscores KECO’s ongoing commitment to providing technicians with the most comprehensive suite of dent repair products available.”

Interested parties seeking inquiries regarding any of these products, personalized demonstrations, or technical support can reach out to service teams by calling 888-532-6822 or by emailing sales@keco.com.

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