Recall Rankings: Ford the most recalled vehicle brand in the United States for 2023

Toronto, Ontario — According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Ford is the most recalled vehicle in the United States, topping the charts at 54 recalls.

In its annual report, the NHTSA notes that across 54 recalls for 2023, affected vehicles from Ford numbered around 5,692,135, nearly three million more than Kia which took second place with three million vehicles affected by just 20 recalls.

For Kia, the bulk of these affected vehicles came from a single recall concerning the risk of leaking brake fluid leading to a fire risk.

In terms of recall numbers, Chrysler came in second on the NHTSA’s list, but these only affected 2.7 million vehicles, putting the automaker in third.

Also included in the report was BMW, which had 29 recalls, Mercedes, which had 27, and Nissan and General Motors which tied for the last spot in the top five at 22 recalls.

Despite Ford’s high numbers, the NHTSA further notes that these numbers are down from the previous year in which the automaker saw 65 recalls affecting 8.5 million vehicles.

“We’re constantly working to improve vehicle quality and deliver the best experience for our customers,” said a Ford rep in response to the results. “Voluntary recalls are one of the ways we proactively protect customers from experiencing an issue. Our initial quality is improving and customers with our latest vehicles are benefiting from it. Compared with 2022, about 30% fewer Ford customers were affected by safety-related recalls in 2023.”

However, while not included in the NHTSA’s report, which only features 12 automakers, Tesla holds the largest single recall for the year over its Autopilot Drive System which covered almost every vehicle the automaker has built for the U.S. market.

To see the NHTSA’s automotive recall breakdown, click here.

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