IA900WA Wheel Alignment & ADAS Calibration

Autel maxisysadas.com IA900WA Wheel Alignment & ADAS Calibration The Autel Intelligent ADAS IA900WA Wheel Alignment and ADAS calibration system offers both wheel alignment and ADAS calibration. Software includes Illustrated alignment instructions, live readings, required tools, and adjustment locations display. Six high-resolution positioning and tracking cameras automatically monitor the vehicle height on a shop lift. Robotic […]


PROCESS IS PRECISION When it comes to the calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) components, there are two essential servicing concepts, follow the prescribed vehicle manufacturer instructions and document every-thing from pre-calibration setup to post-calibration validation. The Autel Standard Frame ADAS Calibration System, the MaxiSYS IA800 Intelligent ADAS optical positioning system adaption package combined […]