Transforming Claims Processing: Allstate’s augmented reality solution for crash scene reconstruction

Toronto, Ontario — Allstate has submitted a patent application for a system capable of generating augmented reality representations of crash scenes, as detailed in a patent released on March 5.

According to the patent, this system will allow users to interact with vehicles, real-world locations, and various objects such as trees, while also incorporating factors like weather conditions and time of day.

“The accident re-creation system provides the capability to re-create the accident site on a mobile device before or soon after leaving the scene utilizing augmented reality,” the patent says. “Multiple users, such as other witnesses, other drivers, police officers, etc., may also provide input.”

The patent highlights that processing claims can involve interactions with multiple insurance agents, subrogation representatives, and claims adjusters. This process also includes face-to-face meetings, processing paperwork, and telephone calls.

“As a result, a significant amount of time can elapse between the time the claim is filed and final settlement of the claim,” the patent further notes. “Therefore, a need exists for improved approaches to processing insurance claims in response to a vehicle accident.”

The patent outlines different methods for creating the augmented reality scene, such as utilizing video footage captured by a user’s mobile device at the accident site. Users can then select objects to incorporate into the scene. Additionally, data from vehicle sensors, dash cameras, and street cameras could be integrated into the system to enhance realism.

Using advanced technology, the patent aims to advance the traditional claims processing method for reconstructing accident scenes. Users will be able to view specific details of the crash site including vehicles and surroundings. The aim of this is assessing accidents and improving communication and collaboration within the industry.

While Allstate’s augmented reality solution presents one option for transforming claims processing, it’s important to note that it is not guaranteed that it will be put into production. Nonetheless, the patent represents a possible advancement in accident reconstruction technology allowing collisions to be assessed long after they’ve taken place.


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