Welcomes of the Week: CSN Collision welcomes CSN Carignan to its network

Carignan, Quebec — According to a recent press release, CSN Carignan has officially become part of the CSN Collision Network. 

A 3,700 square foot auto body facility serving the 50,000 residents of the Carignan community since 2022, CSN Carignan’s owner and General Manager, Samuel Gomes is excited to take this next step on his collision repair journey. 

“My family works in the auto bodywork industry, so I chose to follow in their footsteps. After working in the field for four years, I had the opportunity to start my own business. Two years in, I felt it was the right time to join a network, and CSN is the one I identified with the most. Respect, honesty and professionalism are our fundamental values that align with CSN Collision’s principles”. 

“The quality of the work we provide makes our shop’s image! We always make the customer comfortable by explaining all the steps of the repair process. We are very detail-oriented and focused on professional customer service. Our fulfilment comes when a customer is satisfied with the quality of our work and our customer service. We go out of our way to achieve this; for example, we’ve delivered a vehicle to a customer with reduced mobility,” Gomes further noted. 

CSN Carignan will maintain the same trusted team and aims to continue providing the personalized service that customers expect and rely on. 

Collision Repair magazine would like to extend congratulations to the CSN Carignan team on this successful change. 


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