ASK AWAY: BETAG Innovation’s trainers are always available

The pandemic may have put a temporary damper on in-person training in the industry, but BETAG Innovation says its online training platform is capable of delivering the same value as its traditional instructor-led training.

With most of its in-person sessions cancelled, BETAG developed the “Ask our BETAG trainers” service, which allowed estimators and technicians some one-on-one time with a BETAG trainer via video conference tools.

Dave Flockhart, BETAG’s chief operating officer says the tool is designed to ensure employees meet BETAG expectations for training.

“It was especially challenging to replicate the same level of engagement and substance seen in the typical in-person session in an online format,” Flockhart told Training Directory.

Ask Our BETAG Trainers is not limited to those who have purchased BETAG training in the past—the program is open to all estimators and technicians. Flockhart says the program offers an innovative way to brush up on skills in this, particularly challenging time.

While the platform does offer a question-and-answer portal where bodyshop employees can ask specific questions to BETAG trainers, it also offers much more. To make the service effective in its goal, BETAG has striven to make its training as interactive as possible.

“It’s a training journey,” said Flockhart. “There are lots of virtual stimuli along the way to keep the attention of participants and make the training as effective as possible.”

Given the success of the platform, Flockhart believes BETAG will continue offering the service even after in-person training resumes.

“Instructor-led training will, of course, always be our focus,” said Flockhart. “However, this platform has allowed BETAG to innovate in the new normal. Online may not always be preferable, but it does offer some advantages for shops; the cost of having an instructor come for an in-person session is a high one, and some shops can’t always afford it. Online options allow that price to be lowered to shops, and technicians and estimators don’t need to travel to complete their training.”

Flockhart also said the platform has the ability to offer accelerated training: some online sessions can be completed in two days, where in-person equivalents may take place over a five-day span.

“This allows participants to complete the work on their own time,” said Flockhart. “It also allows work to continue in the shop while simultaneously completing training initiatives.”

Although COVID has introduced unprecedented changes across the board, Flockhart feels the pandemic has acted as an escalator for BETAG, pushing the company toward further innovation and offering the same high-quality training in different ways.

“This cloud does have a silver lining,” he said.


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