Why don’t you stay a while? By Allison Rogers With the pandemic came a new way of training. Now that we’re 18 months into this new world of learning—much of which is digitally-driven, I might add—the members of Canada’s automotive aftermarket are faced with a whole new way to approach skilled trades education. Whether you’re […]

An Uncertain Path, an Uncertain Future

The question of OEM Certifications By Maddy Kylie The automotive industry is an industry like no other. Ripe with innovation and backed by some of the world’s greatest minds, it is a landscape that is constantly evolving. Over the past few years, the industry has made some of the biggest changes yet—cue electric and autonomous […]

Recognizing the Master Artists

Certification is a step in the right direction for the automotive industry By Steve Leal The automotive industry is not for everyone. Day in and day out, auto technicians go the extra mile in restoring vehicles to their original glory, making sure that form, build, and performance are in perfect sync. They are the “master […]

Held to Account

Looking to improve? Take responsibility By Jay Perry One of the most challenging parts of leadership is the issue of accountability. We all know and want the benefits that can come from holding ourselves and our team to account for quality of services or products, our policies, actions and decisions but the balance required to […]

Find Your Missing Piece

How do you hire the perfect fit? By Chelsea Stebner Right People. Right Bus. Right seat? We hear so much about making sure we’re all hiring the right people to join our teams. When it comes right down to it, how do we really know? I bet that none of us are HR experts or […]


Train now—the world won’t wait for you to catch up By Darryl Simmons When was the last time you learned something at work? If your answer isn’t today, something is wrong. Ask anyone that’s spent a day working in the automotive aftermarket and they’ll tell you that this industry holds a pace akin to the […]