Up For Auction: SUV-sized Radio Flyer red wagon road worthy and ready to roll

Toronto, Ontario — An SUV-sized Radio Flyer red wagon is currently up for auction on the Alaska Premier Auction’s website and has been custom-modified to reflect its namesake.

The vehicle is a 2010 model year and has a total of 57,238 miles in mileage.

According to the auction description, “the vehicle was built over 11 months by Fred Keller and Judy Foster in Wasilla, Alaska.

Additionally, “the base for the conversion was a 1976 Mazda B1600 single cab pick-up truck. During the transformation, two inches of chassis length was removed with the lead springs reworked to incorporate coil springs on the chassis and rear axle. The radiator had a custom framework built to relocate it from the body to the frame; the firewall was modified to incorporate pedals; and the steering column and the 13 inch wagon wheel with bottle cap centre was added.

Outside of these changes, the main mechanics of the truck remain intact, the auction description further reports.

The vehicle is fully road-legal and can reach speeds up to 60 mph.

“I’ll miss it and I’ll miss the fun of driving it. It’s just so much fun to take somebody for a ride and see peoples’ reactions to you,” Judy Foster originally told CNN.

Purchase of the vehicle includes full documentation of the build, historical photos and the original VIN plate and manual for the truck.

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