PUT YOUR FUTURE INTO OVERDRIVE: Do you have what it takes to take on the vehicles of the future?

By Darryl Simmons

If there’s one thing that adults don’t tell their children about growing up, it is that adulthood begins with a series of big decisions. No decision will have a longer-lasting impact on the rest of your life than what career you will decide to pursue. And you can only choose one.

If you are an ambitious problem-solver with a love of cars, computers and heavy machinery, you should seriously consider choosing a career in the collision repair sector. As technology changes everything we thought we knew about vehicles, incredible new opportunities are opening up for the technicians who are capable of returning today’s computerized, semi-autonomous and electrified vehicles to their pre-accident condition.

If you have the brains and drive to build-up the talent arsenal required in this vital field, you can expect much more than a great starting salary. You will also be able to leverage your talents toward building the life you desire—be it one of travel and adventure, or security and stability.

If one of the career paths you are considering is in some way related to the rewarding auto repair sector—and it really should be—you have picked up the right magazine. As you read through this annual special on training for careers as a repair technician, you will find out about the incredible opportunities afforded to the industry’s professionals in Canada. You will also get the insider details you will need to join the ranks of its technicians, and to get your future off to a flying start.

Our team has done a fantastic job of researching and compiling information from every one of Canada’s provinces. In the painstakingly researched listings section, you can see the breadth of collision-related courses and programs being offered at some of Canada’s finest post-secondary institutions.

Our team has also prepared an in-depth look at what the auto manufacturers designing the next generation of automobiles are saying about what will be required of top-notch repair technicians in the longer-term. You will find whole sections devoted to the latest trends in repair technology—including a fantastic look at the future of glass repair and an expert’s thoughts on working with the high-tech mixed-materials that are becoming ever more important in vehicle construction.

With the information included in this book, you will have everything you need to decide whether you have what it takes to embark on the adventure-of-a-lifetime—a career in the ever-changing world of collision repairing. If you do, don’t let life pass you by! Enrol in one of the many world-class courses profiled in this book—and shift your future into overdrive!


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